ReadySet HIRED!
Top 10 Mistakes
Writing Resumes
Job Interviewing
Negotiating Offers
10 Steps
1. Getting Started
2. Writing Resumes
3. Using Job Boards
4. Working with Recruiters
5. Networking
6. Interviewing
7. Following Up
8. Negotiating the Job Offer
9. Resigning
10. Starting Your New Job
5 Actions
1. Get organized
2. Determine format and create content
3. Craft your cover letter
4. Do a critical review
5. Evolve your documents
Top 10 Mistakes
Quick Tips
Dos & Don'ts to advance your job search
At-a-glance "Dos and Don'ts" are provided to help reinforce important ideas and considerations as you manage your job search. They are reminders and refreshers, helping to keep you on track with every action.
Introduction to Writing Resumes & Cover Letters
You are your resume. Assuming that you are applying to a company that doesn't know you, your resume and cover letter are the only means for them to make an initial assessment about your candidacy. Don't put yourself out of the running by submitting a substandard resume and cover letter! Even if you have questionable experience or a spotty work history, make an effort to put your best foot forward. The Writing Resumes & Cover Letters Checklist provides an overview of what to keep in mind while creating these assets.Your resume is an important document that represents you, and it will live through the hiring process and likely be passed through the hands of various influencers and decision makers. It's a door opener, creating the opportunity for an interview. It prepares both you and your interviewer for conversation and discussion. Your resume is a living document, and needs to be constantly improved and evolved throughout your career. Regarding your cover letter, it should be specific for each job to which you're applying. Gathering your thoughts and getting your documents in order will help you in creating the content of your resume and cover letter. Taking a critical look at how you present yourself will help you showcase your accomplishments and experience in an honest and positive manner. Don't expect to get it all done the first time you try. It takes practice, editing and constant revision. The evolution of your resume and cover letter are not only expected, but also encouraged. In this step, we take you through 5 actions and provide you with a number of resources to help you craft your resume and cover letter.
My Coaching
Get an edge over the competition
The coaching comments are intended to give you more insight into each of the actions. Whether it's through encouragement or "watch outs", you'll be getting the coach's perspective as you work through your job search activities.